• By submitting their entries or nominating any person or company, all entrants are assumed to have read the terms and conditions of the Africa Food Awards.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to reject any entry or nomination that does not meet the criteria or is inappropriate, without further correspondence with the entrant.
  • The Awards ceremony is open to countries within sub-Saharan Africa
  • Entries for the competitive categories must be products/projects/initiatives/campaigns manufactured or located within those countries and must have been initiated during the specific timelines given in the entry form.
  • The entrant must fill all the relevant information on the form and provide full details to support their entry.
  • The entry must clearly state the nominating individual responsible for the company’s entry with whom the Organisers will communicate from time to time.
  • Entries must be received within the stipulated deadline. Any entries received later than the deadline will not be accepted. The organizer is not responsible for lost, damaged or entries that fail to reach them in time for one reason or the other.
  • The judges’ decision is final and legally binding. No correspondence will be entered into with entrants once the winners have been announced.
  • If insufficient entries are received or the entries don’t meet their expectations, the judging panel may decide not to announce any winner for the category.
  • The judges may add or remove categories and vary the judging criteria after the entries have been received to reflect the breadth of the entries received.
  • Only a specified number of winners will be selected and announced for each of the competitive categories. For the Honorary categories, nominations shall be received from either the individual him/herself or from a nominating person. The judges will pick a number of Honorary categories winners from the nominated individuals and may add other relevant winners as per their discretion.
  • The winners of the various categories will be announced at the  Awards ceremony.
  • The winners will be published in print and online issues of the Organiser’s magazines, websites and social media platforms.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to make changes on the judging panel, criteria, venue etc without prior notice to the entrants.
  • Award winners are expected to take part in publicity activities and agree to their names and images being used for purposes of promoting the event in future or in the Organiser’s magazines, websites etc.
  • By signing up to attend the event, each attendee gives the organisers the permission to use any pictures taken at the event on their websites, social media, magazines etc 
  • Winners can make use of their win in advertising or similar promotional activity, but must state the category they won and the year they won. The Organisers shall provide appropriate logo or text that the winners must use in this regard. Strict requirements are in place to ensure that winners don’t misuse the logo and appropriate action will be taken on companies that flout this rule.
  • By submitting their entries or nominations, the entrants agree that the Organisers can make use of information that is not marked confidential during the awards process in their publications etc.
  • All entrants consent to organisers sending them information related to the Awards, events and other relevant industry information from time to time.


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