The Packaging Redesign of the Year Awards celebrate recent packaging design concepts for existing products. As companies strive to meet shifting consumer needs and a more revitalised focus on sustainability, making changes to the packaging remain one of the most common and impactful activities. Examples include changing your packaging from plastic to glass, making the new packaging lighter (light weighting), new brand design, new packaging design etc.

Please note that you can nominate as many packaging redesigns as possible. For each product/brand, you must fill this form separately. The new design must have been commissioned from January 1, 2017 to date. Only manufacturers can apply for this category.


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Please type in clear, short and concise sentences. Attach any relevant documentation or photos to support your application, where applicable. Please note that the judges may contact you from time to time to provide further information regarding your application.
You can make as many applications as possible. For each initiative, please fill a separate form
Please explain the key driver of your company investing in the new package, and how it changes the game for your company and the industry. Provide details about the concept and other relevant information, highlighting the salient features that make your new packaging unique in your country and region.
Is your new packaging the first ever in your industry, country or region? What makes it unique from the others in the industry or region?
Explain in detail how the new package delivered on its sustainability goals, while highlighting how the initiative compares with similar ones in your industry, country and region.
How does the new package benefit the consumer in terms of convenience and ease of use?

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