The Winners - 2023

The Africa Food Awards 2023 was an incredible event that overflowed with excitement, anticipation, networking and fun! 

We were thrilled to showcase some of the best and brightest individuals, companies, sustainability initiatives, new products and organisations that are making the waves in Africa’s growing and fast-changing food industry. 

Our noble aim was to give honour where honour is due to individuals and institutions that had made exceptional efforts and contributions to the African food industry.

The 2023 edition of the Africa Food Awards welcomed more than 100 entries from across Africa, across the main categories and sub-categories – indicating the growing influence of the Awards, as young start-ups, national and regional giants and multi-nationals operating in the Continent vied for a place to be celebrated at the Awards.


One of the most prominent awards from the night was the Company of the Year, and which was picked by five companies operating in Africa in various sectors of the food industry.

Among the winners of this high-profile Award were Kenya Breweries Ltd, which celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2022; Premier FMCG from South Africa, with a wonderful history of more than 200 years; National Foods from Zimbabwe; Trufoods and Grain Industries Ltd. 

The Company of the Year celebrates the businesses in the food industry that have through the years taken the lead in investments and impacts in the local economies in Africa, industry leadership and sustainability.

Other categories that were celebrated at the Awards include the CEO of the Year, where Joachim Westerweld, the CEO of Highlands Drinks and Bio Food Products and Ndidi Nwuneli, a Nigerian advocate and leaders in social innovation, agriculture and nutrition, and entrepreneurship.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners for pouring their talent and expertise into building a brighter future for the African food industry, and we eagerly anticipate the next landmark event in this fast-growing industry.