The Training Initiative Award showcases capacity improvement initiatives by food companies with the aim of improving efficiencies, skill sets and align staff output to business objectives in the key areas of operations and business support activities. Examples include training on new safety protocols, operational efficiencies, training of sales staff to improve performance and reduce wastage etc.

Please note that you can nominate as many initiatives as possible. For each initiative, you must fill this form separately. The initiative must have been launched from January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2018 and be implemented in any of the Eastern & Central African countries.


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P.O. Box and Physical Location of Factory


Please type in clear, short and concise sentences. Attach any relevant documentation or photos to support your application, where applicable. Please note that the judges may contact you from time to time to provide further information regarding your application.
Please explain the key driver of your company investing in the initiative, and how it changes the game for your company and the industry
Please provide details about the initiative, its target goals, investment value, and other relevant information, highlighting the salient features that make your initiative unique in your country and region.
Explain in detail how the new initiative benefits employees and its success rate so far, highlighting how the initiative compares with similar ones in your industry, country and region.
Is your initiative the first ever in your industry, country or region? If not, what makes your it unique from the others in the industry or region?