P.O. Box and Physical Location of Factory


Please note that this will be the primary contact person with the judges for the entire process


Please type in clear, short and concise sentences. Attach any relevant documentation or photos to support your application, where applicable. Please note that the judges may contact you from time to time to provide further information regarding your application.
Please explain if your new product makes use of unique ingredient(s) not used before in your industry in the region. You can also explain to what extent the formulation of the new product meets consumer needs for trendier products
Please explain how unique the processing of the new product is. Does the process use new technology unique to your industry in the region? If it is not new, are there any modifications you have made to the process, that are unique to this product in the region?
Packaging is key to new product development, while sustainability is a key attribute that is being focused on by the food industry. Meeting consumer needs: How does the new product's package meet new market and consumer needs for convenience and on-the-go trends? Sustainability: To what extent does the packaging meet sustainability goals of the company and the environment?
Explain in detail how the new product meets the need by consumers for healthier, more nutritious and wholesome food products. Is the product targeting a specific consumer market, and how does the product differ with similar products in the marketplace in its nutritional profile?
Is the product first-to-market in your market? If not, what makes your product unique from the competition?
In your opinion, how successful has the product been in meeting your original goals? (Please provide figures, percentage market share, percent growth etc, where possible)
To what extent does the product meet its target customers’ value aspirations?
A product is only as good as its label and how it is positioned in the marketplace. Does your new product have any unique labeling and branding that resonates with current consumer needs? What is the target market, and how have you positioned the product in the marketplace to meet its targeted consumer market?
Food companies exist in increasingly complex communities, with an increasing focus on how they impact the communities in which they operate. Does your new product offer any social or community benefits to the communities it touches on its supply chain?
You can upload any product pictures or any supporting documentation here