The organisers acknowledge that there are thousands of unsung heroes in Africa’s food industry – be they investors, managers, researchers or Government policy makers and shapers.

Through a nomination process, these Awards seek to unearth these unsung heroes and provide them with the appreciation they deserve after their many years of innovation, toil and sacrifice.

The winners of these coveted individual awards have made a big impact on their company, industry or the broader economy, while pulling the next wave of young people with them towards their own future impact on the food and agro sector.


The Food Industry Champion Awards is the region’s highest honour for individuals who have made the biggest impact on the food and agro industry.

Similar to a Lifetime Achievement Award, the Industry Champion Awards are bestowed on investors, founders and directors who have over the years made outstanding contribution to the growth of the production, research, manufacturing, retail and foodservice sectors of the industry in Africa.


The Most Influential Food Industry Manager Award is an honourable accolade given to those managers who have made a noticeable impact on the food industry over the years either in the industry, academia, Government institution or NGO/development agency.

Managers have a huge role in the food industry in Africa, often translating the dreams and aspirations of founders and investors into plans, goals and actions that deliver the company’s ultimate achievements.

This award seeks to appreciate the manager’s hard work, persistence and drive to deliver for their companies during the course of their careers, while improving the state of the food industry in the Continent.

Food Industry Champion Award Awarded to individuals who have over the years impacted the food industry in a major and positive way as an investor or director or senior official in a Government institution or NGO/development organisation. This award is similar to a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Most Influential Food Industry Manager Award Awarded to individuals who have demonstrated exemplary performance and influence as a manager in the food manufacturing, retail and foodservice industry in Africa.