The Africa Food Industry Excellence Awards celebrate the very best companies and individuals in Africa’s rising food, beverage and milling industry’s manufacturing, retail, academia and foodservice sector.

The awards program is aimed at encouraging innovation and excellence in the region’s industry.

Be they individuals or companies manufacturing yoghurt, meat products, snacks, milled products or package fresh produce for export markets; or individuals in the NGO space and researchers in the food value chain, these awards seek to encourage the adoption of world-class practices and technologies in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Awards are focused on the delivery of excellence in a number of key areas: operational excellence; innovations leadership; sustainability; quality, safety, health and environmental management; supply chain excellence; training; and marketing.

The Awards are powered by Food Business Africa magazine – sub-Saharan Africa’s No.1 processing, packaging and food safety publication. More info on the magazine can be found here: www.foodbusinessafrica.com


The Africa Food Industry Excellence Awards ceremony is a glitzy affair, where the industry gets the opportunity reflect on its achievements, opportunities and challenges . . . and an evening to remember!!

The attendees to the awards ceremony have a unique opportunity to share good industry practice, glean experiences and winning actions from the winners, network and talk about new opportunities with peers in a relaxed, social environment that makes the ceremony a unique industry-wide event.

For the winners of the various categories, the awards ceremony provide the individual, team and company to shine in front of the very best in your sector and the entire food and feed industry at large – and a stepping stone to the obvious bragging rights, plus:

  • Winners gain positive publicity for themselves and their brands in the media, including mainstream media;
  • Winners gain valuable recognition from industry peers and other stakeholders, while enhancing the winning company and individuals’ profile with industry suppliers, Government agencies, retailers and the general public in the region;
  • Winning companies receive a boost to their employees and management morale, as the awards reward hard work from the entire team;
  • Winners get editorial exposure in our print and digital magazines (Food Business Africa and Africa Inc. magazines) and online resources through company and individual profiles after the event; gaining further boost for their company and its products and services.

The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on September 14, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.


The Africa Food Industry Excellence Awards are divided into several categories and sub-categories, providing a broad range of options for companies and individuals in the region to apply and win.

The categories for the 2018 edition include:

  1. Food Industry Champion Award 
  2.        Most Influential Food Industry Manager Award 
  3.        New Plant of the Year 
    1. Dairy Plant of the Year;
    2. Milling Plant of the Year;
    3. Bakery & Snack Plant of the Year;
    4. Beverage Product of the Year;
    5. Chilled & Fresh Plant of the Year;
    6. Sugar & Confectionery Plant of the Year;
    7. Culinary & Condiments Plant of the Year;
  4. New Product of the Year 
    1. Dairy Product of the Year;
    2. Milling, Cereals & Pulses Product of the Year;
    3. Bakery & Snack Product of the Year;
    4. Alcoholic Beverage Product of the Year;
    5. Soft Beverage Product of the Year;
    6. Chilled & Fresh Product of the Year;
    7. Sugar & Confectionery Product of the Year;
    8. Culinary & Condiments Product of the Year;
    9. Hot Beverage (Tea, Coffee & Chocolate) Product of the Year;
    10. New Product with the Most Innovative Packaging; and
    11. New Product with the Most Innovative use of an Ingredient.
  5.       Company Initiative of the Year
    1. Sustainability Initiative of the Year
    2. Training Initiative of the Year